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You can find more information about the importance of registering your dog below the form. If you have any other questions you can consult the frequently asked questions section, or you can send us your questions through the contact section .

Register your dog

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The pedigree (or pedigree) is a document that captures and confirms the family tree of a purebred dog and certifies its purity, guaranteeing that there have been no unwanted crosses between its predecessors. The Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) is the only official body authorized to process and issue this document in Spain.

If your dog does not have a pedigree, you can obtain the RRC (Registry of Canine Breeds). This document indicates that the dog belongs to a specific breed, verifying that it meets the requirements established in the official breed standard.

To do this, a judge examines the dog during an official exhibition, checking details such as the mouth, body proportions, testicles, movements, etc... If the judge considers that it meets the requirements of the standard, he will sign a paper with the RRC. It will then be sent to the RSCE to be registered in the Canine Breeds Registry book, and a number will be assigned.
From now, your dog will be registered and it will be a good candidate for crossbreeding and supporting the conservation of the breed. Being registered, if you have a litter, the puppies can be registered as soon as they are born.
Also, if you get 3 generations controlled and registered (both fathers and mothers), this last generation may have a pedigree.

In short, the registration of the dogs is done within the framework of a fair or contest where there is a judge authorized for that purpose. To do this, you must register your dog in this event and the judge will examine its entire constitution in detail to verify that it meets the breed standard. Subsequently, an official document will be filled out to be sent to the Royal Canine Society of Spain. This gives the dog a number (RRC: register of canine breeds) that allows it to participate in any national competition to opt for the Spanish morphology champion.

Breeding is not joining a male with a female, it is an act of responsibility towards the conservation of the breed. If the ancestry of the dog is not known, important elements are missing to make a proper decision. If we know that the dog has serious defects or crosses with other breeds, we recommend not using them for breeding, and sterilizing them.

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