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Frequent questions

How can I know if my dog is a Garafiano Shepherd?

Sometimes we have doubts about whether our specimen meets a minimum of characteristics or at least the fundamental ones to be able to consider it within the racial pattern of our race. Almost all copies have faults, some more and others less serious, but we can establish a small group of basic characteristics of inalienable identity.

  1. domed skull.

  2. Snout longer than skull.

  3. Inserted ears not high and rather set back. Well wrapped or partially folded.

  4. Oblique eyes, very expressive, honey-colored in different shades and black pigmented like the nose.

  5. Abundant coat of hair of a woolly consistency, more present on the neck, back of the legs, with skirts and a good tuft on the tail.

  6. Croup higher than the withers.

  7. Hare's feet on hind limbs with or without spurs.

  8. Rustic appearance, fluid movements and never heavy.

The characteristics of their morphology are collected in a Breed Standard that can be consulted on our website.

What happens if my dog does not meet all the points of the standard?

Nothing happens. A dog can respond to a high percentage of the standard without reaching perfection and is still a Garafiano. The closer you get the better.

How can I register my Pastor Garafiano?

The registration of the dogs is done within the framework of a fair or contest where there is a judge authorized for that purpose. To do this, you must register your dog in said event and the judge will examine its entire constitution in detail to verify that it meets the breed standard. Subsequently, an official document will be filled out to be sent to the Royal Canine Society of Spain. This gives the dog a number (RRC: register of canine breeds) that allows it to participate in any contest at the national level to opt for the Spanish morphology champion.

What are the advantages of registering my dog?

The  registering a Garafiano Shepherd Dog has a first objective: to keep track of the breed to guide future crosses and thus prevent it from mixing with other breeds and deteriorating its own characteristics.

Another important point: at the moment it is a native Spanish breed, the more dogs that are registered, the easier it will be to obtain international recognition.

How can I be part of the association?

How can I get a Pastor Garafiano?

You only have to contact us through the Web and we will send you the registration form to become a member . You just need to want to collaborate to the extent that each one can.

The association does not have its own kennel, so what we can do is put you in touch with breeders who currently have a litter so that you can assess the acquisition of a specimen. A tip: always ask for a photo of the father and mother, and if there is one of the grandparents.

How can I help the association or the race?

Why should I notify new litters or deaths of Pastors Garafianos?

There are many ways, we have a lot of work to do:

  • Helping in the organization of events.

  • Breeding responsibly and registering the parents and the litter.

  • Putting owners in contact with the Association.

It is very important to register the litters. For this, both father and mother must register prior to the birth of the puppies. In this way you can control the origin of the specimens and guide for future mounts.

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