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The Garafiano Shepherd Dog Association

Formally recognized as an autochthonous spanish breed in 2004, the Association's next objective is its international recognition by the FCI (International Cinological Federation), for which it is necessary to increase the number of records of litters and dogs in addition to the celebration of various monographs. For this reason, it is important to make the breeders and owners of Garafiano shepherd dogs aware of the need to:

  1. Take special care in the crossing that is going to be made, avoiding inbreeding or mixing with other breeds.

  2. Perform litter registration.

  3. Perform breed confirmation.

  4. Request the RRC, mandatory to appear at exhibitions.

  5. Have the animal in order in everything related to veterinary care: vaccines, deworming, cleaning, etc.


Among others, the aims of the association are:

  •   The conservation of the Garafiano Shepherd Dog.

  •   The preparation of the breed standard and possible updates.

  •   Disseminate and promote the breed.

  •  Design a selection program to advise dog owners on the appropriate crosses to carry out, trying to avoid the appearance of genetic defects and maintaining the morphological and functional characteristics of the dog.

To this end, various activities are proposed, such as:

  • Scientific conferences, conferences, seminars, sessions...

  • Training courses in training, presentation of animals in the ring, obedience courses, agility.

  • Beauty contests.

  • Dog measurements and records.

  • Grazing promotion.

  • School activities.

  • Promoting it in sports such as Agility, Canicross, Salto del pastor (shepperd jumping)...

  • Realization of family trees and follow-up of specimens.

  • Carrying out a genetic study and collecting samples for conservation in a sperm bank.

  • Counting and carrying out an inventory of dogs that are currently in existence.

Agility is a sport that consists of guides leading their dogs in order to overcome various obstacles within a predetermined order and time in order to manifest their intelligence, obedience, concentration, sociability and agility. This playful activity is open to all kinds of people as well as to all kinds of dog breeds since, depending on the size of the animal, it will participate in one of the three existing categories: mini, midi or standard. We currently have facilities in Tenagua (Puntallana) that offers every Sunday, from 10:00 a.m., the possibility of starting this activity.
We are working to achieve recognition as a sport by the Sports Council.
If you are interested, you can contact with:
Adam de las Casas, president: 690970745
César Cabrera, secretary: 639454057

The Spanish Association of the Garafiano Shepherd Dog is a Collaborating Entity of the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

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