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Spanish Association of the Garafiano Shepherd Dog

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Sábado 10 de junio de 2023 - Feria de San Antonio del Monte (Villa de Garafía)

Inscríbete llamando al 922 400 029, extensión 3, o bien mediante este formulario online.

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Welcome to the garafiano world

The Garafiano Shepherd Dog is a native Canarian dog breed from the Island of La Palma, Canary Islands. The name is received from the north of the island, specifically from the municipality of La Villa de Garafía, as it is the place where this breed was most common, despite the fact that specimens are found throughout the island. The breed was officially recognized in Spain in 2003.

It is a differentiated canine population, originally from the region of Garafía, on the island of La Palma, where it was used by shepherds to gather herds of goats. Due to this, the animal performs very well in steep and rocky areas. It has very homogeneous characteristics, due to the fact that a functional selection has been carried out.
The abrupt orography of La Palma has made the Garafiano Shepherd Dog a fundamental tool for goatherds since the origin of this activity on the Island. They are dogs that have a pre-Hispanic origin, although crosses with other breeds after the conquest have contributed to the development of the Garafian shepherd.
For centuries these agile and noble dogs have been faithful and indispensable companions of the shepherds, helping them to guide their flocks of goats and sheep through deep ravines and during transhumance times in high mountains, through the cliffs of the summit of the Caldera de Taburiente

Help us to conserve the breed!

In order to continue keeping the Garafiano shepherd dog, it is important to register your dog. In this way, a control can be carried out to guide future crosses and prevent them from mixing with other breeds, deteriorating the characteristics of these dogs.

You just have to click on the REGISTER YOUR DOG button and fill in the form. Then we will notify you when we organize an event for dog registrations, and so you can bring your dog.


We have great legacies
full of traditions
of the deeds and performances
of our ancestors,
and that, being conquered,
a lot of baggage is lost
and the miscegenation begins
in humans and animals,
hence the current races
that inhabit this place.

When you see our history
on Benahoare Island
invites one to stand
and watch your path.
Recorded and in memory
we are left with certainty
those summit goatherds
that between cliffs and dwellings
tended their herds
with the usual dogs.

When the Garafiano Shepperd dog
learn to care for goats
there are almost no words
for their daily activities.
From a very long time ago,
working skillfully
has exhibited great beauty;
friend and faithful companion
of the herd and the goatherd
shows us his nobility.

For the sixties and without lights
we almost lost the race
who suffered great threat
for making very bad crosses.
This came face to face
with Mr. Antonio Manuel,
a man of great level,
awareness and wisdom
that I would get her back,
we owe it to HIM!

The best specimens
in Tagalgen they were,
wolfdogs they were called
to these unique dogs.
And it is that for these places
we have knowledge
that there was a great isolation
from Izcagua to Franceses,
it is remembered many times
not with little feeling.

Garafia is proud
to give its name to the race,
not every day happen
such a beautiful thing.
For its most famous fair
the garafiano shepherd dog arrives
every year early
to the San Antonio party,
leaving testimony there
barking across the landing.

Carlos Pedrianes Sanchez
(Garafia, 2022)

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